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Lucidity & SiteConnect Product Updates

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Check out the latest Lucidity and SiteConnect updates.

Lucidity Product Updates

Full release notes can be found here.


Inform & Asset | Further integration

Users can now enter the usage reading of a particular asset (e.g. number of kilometres) in InForm, and the asset usage reading will automatically update in the Asset module. 

This new integration between the InForm and Asset modules ensures that users do not need to capture data in two places. Asset data can now be automatically updated from InForm records. 

This essentially means that forms such as Plant Pre Starts can populate the asset usage data, and users will no longer need to enter the usage reading in both modules. It will save significant time for all users of Asset. 


faster page load

  • For clients with custom branding, changes have been made that result in significant improvement in the speed of page loads across the whole application.
  • Through our ongoing commitment to improving the experience of Lucidity, we have developed a significant decrease in the time it takes for pages to load, achieved by restructuring how branding is displayed.
  • In some client instances, the time for a page to load has decreased by an average of 58%. However, this update is dependent on each client instance. Please contact your account manager if you would like to know more. 

In case you missed it, new OnSite QR-Code Capabilities

  • Users of OnSite now have access to additional capabilities on the mobile app. Tap on / tap off multiple users to an OnSite area and see who is on site, view their competency records, and view failed entry messages from the Lucidity mobile App.
  • This enhanced capability of the OnSite module through the mobile app gives area/site managers visibility to workers on site without having to access data via the web portal.
  • Via the web portal, administrators can set up declarations and failed entry messages for each site that display to mobile users when tapping into site. 

Big win

The technical team changed how branding is loaded, which sees a massive reduction in load to the database server as well as a big decrease in page load times


Site Connect Product Updates

Full release notes can be found here.



1. When Training/Competency and Company documents are nearing expiry, an email notification is now sent to Account Administrators. The email notifications are sent 28 & 7 days prior to the document expiring, on the day of expiry and 7 & 28 days after the expiry date if the document hasn’t been updated.

2. The Hazardous Substances register now has a selectable list of unit types. Unit types include: 

  • Kg
  • L
  • fl.oz
  • Gal

3. There is now a 30-second delay from when a QR code is first scanned to when it can be scanned again. This is to prevent people from inadvertently re-scanning the QR code and signing out by accident.

4. Enabled site managers and account admins to enter the quantity/volume information as required by law for Hazardous Substances.

5. Added backward compatibility for trained first aiders and safety managers.

6. Added a weekly summarised “incomplete” tasks reminder.

7. Summarised emails will now be sent for after-hours notifications to users and site managers/account admins.


Please reach out to support@lucidity.io if you have any questions.