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Quality Management for the Modern Organisation

Digitise and automate paper-based quality management processes with Lucidity's quality management solution.

Streamline and integrate workplace Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental management in a highly intuitive ecosystem of modules used to address complex quality issues and processes.

Lucidity's quality management software allows businesses of all sizes to seamlessly manage all facets of ISO 9001 across your organisation and continuously improve your process for more efficient outcomes.

Quality Management Software System


Non-conformance and defect management

Deliver and track training and competency

Inspections & Audits, including Workflows and Scheduling

Manage and track external audits, including actions, findings and NCRs

Corrective & Preventive Action (CAPA)

Document management system 

Customer complaint and compliment logging and tracking

Powerful data & analytics, Dashboards & B.I

System improvements with support for employee suggestions

One System - One Source of Truth

Start with a QMS

Create a home base for Quality in your organisation in the Lucidity Intranet module to deliver the QMS, provide access to supporting information, links and guidance, and drive the Audit Schedule. 

From there, branch into the full Lucidity modules to deliver essential Quality processes such as:

  • Internal audits through our digital forms platform
  • Action management, linked to audits and with full reporting
  • Scheduling and workflows
  • NCR and defect management including root cause analysis
  • System improvements including employee suggestions
  • External audit tracking and management
QMS Software

Integrate with Health, Safety and Environment

We understand that quality management is a multi-faceted discipline that can seem complex and overwhelming.

Lucidity has been designed to not only deliver the functionality required of a QMS, but also as part of an integrated solution that seamlessly works alongside your organisation's safety and environment management processes.

One system - one source of truth - operational excellence.

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The Industry Leading Quality Management Solution

Benefits of Lucidity's QMS

Data visibility & evidence-based decision making 

Product/Service delivery consistency 

Proactive process improvements

Meet compliance obligations 

Digitise manual processes

Automate workflows & existing processes

One line of sight for management

Change management & continuous improvement

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