Psychological Health & Safety

Take the risk out of managing psychosocial risks.

Working with our partner, AP Psychology & Consulting Services, Lucidity can provide an ecosystem of products and services to deliver a holistic solution for managing psychological health and safety. From identifying psychosocial hazards using diagnostic tools to training content for leaders and staff. All while managing the whole process via the Lucidity software.

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How to manage psychological Health & Safety

Psychological risk management is the end-to-end process of:

  • Identifying psychosocial hazards. If you need assistance, ask us about our partners AP Psychology & Consulting Services, who have a great diagnostic survey.
  • Assessing psychosocial risks (identified and added to a risk register)
  • Putting controls in place. Including specially created training content - from our partner, AP Psychology & Consulting Services and their platform TM Thrive.
  • Continuous review and process improvement.
Just like physical risks, Lucidity software can assist your company in managing psychosocial risks and hazards in one central location.  Ensuring that your teams are always prepared for any and every risk. 


Poorly managed psychosocial risks compromise the safety of your teams, sites and projects.

Lucidity’s health and safety risk management software has been designed to empower an organisation’s management team to identify and capture the risks that their projects face, referencing the organisation’s critical risk controls as well as project-specific needs. 

A continuous process of feedback then improves and evolves the whole organisation's risk management structure, keeping your teams safe.

Risk dashboard-1


Master Risk Register

Create and manage multiple projects and site risk registers. 

Critical Control Management

Allocate the critical controls to each risk assessment.

Workflows and Actions

Built-in workflow, ensuring appropriate approval levels and sign-off.


Easily report incidents via the Lucidity app. Ideal for use by all staff and contractors.

Single Source of Truth

Report, investigate, analyse and manage all issue types in one centralised location.

Dashboard, data and B.I

Interactive dashboard, powerful data and Business Intelligence integration



Using Lucidity’s incident management allows company-wide incidents and events to be housed in a central issues register, tracking incidents, hazards, non-conformance, complaints and more. 

Your employees can confidentially, quickly and easily report psychosocial incidents, and hazards straight from the field on their phones via the Lucidity App. 
Once an incident is reported in the system, it will trigger the relevant alerts and workflows based on factors such as severity, project or nature of the event. Email notifications are triggered automatically to ensure the right people are alerted to prompt investigations, follow-up actions and close-out
Incident Screenshot-1

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Lucidity and its partners can enable your organisation to manage psychological risk today.

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