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Streamline HSEQ Managment

Managing health and safety across a highly mobile workforce can be a challenge.

From incident and asset management to ensuring that your workforce get on site safely. If you don’t have a centralised, simple to use software solution, it is incredibly difficult to see the path forward.

Lucidity software helps make the road to safety clear. Giving you easy access to track and manage HSEQ processes as well as all data and intelligence you need in one central place, simply stay on top of compliance and keep your people safe.

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Your new End to End Safety Software

Our safety software is modular and customisable

We’ll work with you to identify which software modules you need and then create a customised solution specific to your business
Document Management
Policies and procedures, document management and communications
Quality Management
Corrective & Preventive Action (CAPA), Non-Non-conformances
Contractor Management
Licences, documents, certifications and site attendance
Asset and Plant
Asset, Equipment and Plant management and maintenance scheduling

Prestarts, audits, inspections, checklists, incidents, hazards and much more

Learning and Training
Learning, training and competency and inductions

Fredon Mono

“Lucidity has been central to supporting these processes. Ensuring that we’re able to follow our own safety processes while also meeting our clients’ requirements and keeping everybody safe on site."

See how Fredon uses Lucidity software to better capture the safety information they need and keep their clients happy. 

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Why Lucidity?

Some of the reasons why industry-leading businesses choose Lucidity

Self-Serve Functionality and Public Forms

Lucidity allows contractors and employees to self-register, streamlining accessibility for large workforces. Anyone can report an incident using Lucidity’s public forms

Intranet - Integrated Management System

A dedicated WHS management system for managing all your communications, links and documents without getting lost

Data Analytics, Dashboards and BI

Lucidity contains highly configurable dashboards available for the majority of each module. Lucidity also has seamless integration with Power BI, QuickSight and Tableau

Configurable and Flexible to your needs

Lucidity’s flexible framework allows the system to be tailored to the client's business requirements. You can also change the colour schemes to meet your branding requirements

Automate Actions and Business Process

Automate tasks, corrective actions and procedures with a powerful workflow automation solution

Easily Maintain ISO Qualifications

Lucidity has been built around managing compliance. The following ISO standards can adhere to utilising Lucidity: 9001, 14001, 45001 and 31000

Collaborate with
all workers

Health and safety happens on the ground, not in the office. Lucidity gives you one view of employees, contractors and managers in one system regardless of location

Data Security of the Highest Degree

Lucidity is ISO 27001 certified. We take data security seriously


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