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    How does your team get access to the information they need to safely and productively complete their job?

    Lucidity’s cloud-based intranet provides an online Centre of Excellence for health and safety, environment and quality system documentation and processes.

    A single go-to place to find any information, documentation or management systems your team needs. Better connecting your teams and helping them find what they’re looking for.

    Software Features


    Connect employees

    One central location to communicate business news and information.


    Centralised Data

    Integrated Management System

    Intuitive and web-based IMS helping your team find the information they need.

    In progress

    Actions & Forms

    Keep track of outstanding or in progress business actions and forms.

    Filing Cabinet

    Online filing cabinet

    Easy access to a cloud-based, structured document management system.



    Easy access on the cloud

    Forget the access issues that come with trying to find information on a server, Lucidity’s intranet is a cloud-based solution.

    As long as you have access to an internet connection, all business news, management systems and documents are easily accessible on desktop, tablet and mobile. Bringing your team together no matter how far apart they are.

    Intranet Feature

    Simple Management Systems

    Management systems are crucial to the success of any organization. Connecting teams with vital information they need to complete their job successfully.

    But, too often, they end up as a large collection of PDFs on a server – making it difficult and time consuming to find the specific information your team is looking for.

    The Integrated Management System (IMS) on our intranet platform has been designed with your team in mind.

    With a fully configurable online interface, it can be shaped around your specific organisational structure and act as a central contents page. Guiding your team to the exact documents and information they need and sharing key work health and safety, environment and quality system documentation.

    It’s also in the cloud – so as long as you have an internet connection, you can access the intranet.

    Intranet Management System-1

    Stay on top of Actions

    Missing important business actions is one thing. But in the world of health and safety, any missed actions can have significant impacts on the safety of your workforce and your sites.

    The actions function is a key component of Lucidity software. Easily allowing you to set recurring or one-off actions for your employees to complete tasks.

    The Intranet allows you to:

    • Clearly see the real-time status of any tasks assigned to you
    • Receive email notifications straight from the system when actions need to be completed
    • Filter & report on all outstanding actions for your team, or the whole organisation
    Intranet Actions 3


    "What makes our sites safe isn't just having software. Making our sites safe relies on the engagement of supervisors and management staff with health and safety software - and Lucidity plays a key role in that."

    See how Built used Lucidity's asset management software to make better business decisions. 

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