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Easily keep track of all contractors and employees on site.

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End-to-End Site Management

One of the biggest challenges for Site Management is keeping track of all the contractors and employees on-site at any given time. 

Lucidity allows Administrators to quickly and easily put a system in place that ensures onsite workers have been inducted, completed training and met any compliance requirements. Ensuring a  complete overview of all onsite workers' including their contact information and time spent on-site at all times.

Using the Lucidity Mobile App, Site Managers can access all records, conduct roll calls and manage emergency situations from the palm of their hand. 

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Ensure competency

Site access points will only let employees on site if all inductions and relevant competencies have been completed

Onsite Kiosk App 

Enable workers to enter and exit sites by scanning a QR code. No need for a mobile device or constant internet connection. 

QR Codes

To enter a site, users can scan a QR code that verifies their details and confirms compliance, induction and training records are up to date.  

Verify attendance

Track and manage the attendance of contractors and the time that they spent on site.


Inductions, training, licences, emergency contact information and validity of contractor's insurances are all confirmed before going on site. 

Emergency response

Easily access records to report who is on site in case of an emergency


Site Access using QR Codes

  • Allow workers to enter a site by scanning a personalised QR code via the Lucidity Mobile App or Kiosk App
  • Advises if entry is permitted based on requirements set out by site administrators
  • Synchronises with the OnSite Desktop module
  • Information flows from Contractor, Induction and Training modules seamlessly
Onsite Roll call mobile Webstite

Fixed point Kiosk App 

  • Allow users to easily enter and exit sites via a fixed point Kiosk that scans QR codes and doesn’t require NFC cards or any Lucidity hardware.
  • Enhance compliance by setting up declaration messages that workers must acknowledge before entering the site
  • Great for remote sites, after setting the Kiosk App up it doesn’t require a constant internet connection


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Simplified Site Management 

  • Generate a report of individuals present on-site at any time via both the Mobile App and Web portal
  • Verify attendance and time spent on-site for contractors
  • Conduct roll calls and manage emergencies effectively
  • Entry and exit records are automatically recorded for reporting purposes
  • Use the Onsite logs available on the Web Portal for a record of hours spent on-site.
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"The new level of information we’ve been able to achieve with Lucidity has meant we’ve now got access to granular data, all collected from the field in real-time.

It’s been a complete game-changer for us."

See how Downer used Lucidity software to streamline their safety data collection and make better business decisions.

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