Data Security


Serious about data security

Your business data plays a key role in helping Lucidity products drive health and safety intelligence and insights. We also know how critically important it is that this data is protected from either deliberate or accidental loss, compromise or destruction.

We take data security very seriously.

As client information is core to our software, so to is your confidence that your data will be kept safe.

Like many industries and governments, Lucidity has adopted ISO 27001 as the international standard for our Information Security Management practices. ISO 27001 is considered the best practice amongst many State Governments in Australia and in ICT and data centre hosting industries.

ISO 27001 Certification

In order to provide clients with peace of mind that their data would be kept safe with processes that met the highest standards, we gained independent certification to ISO 27001.

This certification required that our processes (supported through documentation) were in compliance with the standard. Involving a risk-based approach to managing information security, ensuring that security risks are appropriately prioritized and managed. Our certification has zero exemptions from the ISO scope and has had no non-conformances – which is rare to find.

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