We want to create a world where people wake up inspired to go to work,
feel safe throughout the day and return home fulfilled.

About Us


From real life problems . . .

Unlike other HSEQ software companies, we didn't start in software.

We started on the ground. Working and consulting with high-risk businesses for over 20 years to keep their people safe.

We then took this first-hand knowledge of the health and safety challenges our clients faced and built a customised, integrated software solution. A solution created to serve the real-life experience and needs of safety professionals.


. . . To real-time solutions

A solution which has been designed to give management teams access to the crucial business data they need to keep their people safe. 

Designed around three simple principles:

  • Simplicity: Bringing software addressing all HSEQ needs into one easy-to-use platform

  • Connection: Ensuring that all employees have simple access to a real-time, single source of HSEQ truth to keep their people safe and make crucial data-supported business decisions

  • Customisation: Designed in a modular way to meet specific business needs and mold around an organisation’s existing safety language and processes

With a focus on continuous improvement to meet the evolving needs of the HSEQ sector, we have been consistently developing the software to ensure that today’s HSEQ professionals have a clear view of the path to potential.

. . . To Real World Impact