Agriculture safety software

Simple, easy to use safety software for Forestry, Crop farming, Fisheries and aquaculture, Livestock and more

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Reduce Risks and Incidents

Agriculture is one of the most incident-prone industries globally.

We understand the challenges of managing the health and safety of seasonal workforces on remote and isolated sites and feeling confident that they have the knowledge and competency to mitigate risks.

It is challenging to see the path forward if you don't have a centralised, simple-to-use safety solution.

Lucidity's Agriculture Safety Software provides all agriculture businesses with one line of health and safety sight.

Audits and Inspections

Supporting all Agriculture businesses



Forestry and Logging

Fishing and Aquaculture


Tailored to your needs

Our Agriculture safety software is modular

We’ll work with you to identify which modules you need and then create a customised solution specific to your business.

Plant, Assets & Equipment

Daily pre-starts, Plant onboarding, asset and equipment management and maintenance scheduling

Competency, Training & Induction

Inductions, training and learning, competency, needs analysis, including a public facing self-registration portal

Document management

Licences, Insurances, Permits, policies and procedures. Lucidity has a dedicated Intranet module!

Incident & Issues 

Incidents, Hazards, Accident, near-misses, observations and Return to Work


Inductions, documentation, licences, permits, training and competency

Inspections, Checklists, Reporting

Drag and drop form builder for checklists, audits, inspections and automated reporting

Work from Anywhere on any device

Lucidity has been designed to facilitate adoption and ease of use for all users.

We know that agriculture has fluctuating workforces and seasonal employees. We want to drive adoption and one line of safety management.

Employees, subcontractors and casuals can utilise Lucidity via any device and offline capabilities mean that they are never disconnected. 


Lucidity on Screens

Success story:

“The good thing about Lucidity is that every module works the same. Whether logging on to the contractor system or asset management, everyone knows how to use the system and can find everything they need in this one-stop shop.”

Maurice Dunn
Training Manager

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