Return to Work Software

Simplifying Return to Work (RTW) with a system that guides the organisation through the process.


RTW Software Simplified

Better support your people and ensure that they get back to work in line with medical advice.

The Lucidity Return to Work software platform allows you to easily manage all Return to Work (RTW) functions in one central location. Guiding you through the process from RTW plan creation, notifications at the time of review, cost projections and central data storage.

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Simplify RTW plans

Streamline the Return to Work (RTW) creation process and track and easily monitor progress.

Manage expiries

Receive system and email alerts when RTW plans expire to ensure workers don’t fall through the cracks.

Map cost projections

Inbuilt PIAWE calculator to simply calculate projected cost estimates.


Easy reporting

Create customised reports and activity logs for case reviews and business reporting


Stop your employees falling through the cracks

It’s easy for workers to get lost in the Return to Work process. This has a significant impact on supporting your employees back into their role and also business productivity.

Our software has been designed to drive the Return to Work process forward.

When a case comes up for review, the relevant workers and case managers will receive system and email notifications. Allowing them to properly review the current case, determine next steps and help better support workers as they return back to their role.

Data integrity is crucial when it comes to returning to work. Ensuring that any Return to Work plans properly align with the medical advice injured workers have received.

The Lucidity system automatically syncs medical data with any Return to Work plans to ensure data integrity and better guide workers and the organisation through this process.

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"What makes our sites safe isn't just having software. Making our sites safe relies on the engagement of supervisors and management staff with health and safety software - and Lucidity plays a key role in that."

See how Built used Lucidity's asset management software to make better business decisions. 

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