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What is a site kiosk and do you need one?

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One of the biggest challenges of worksites is managing continuously moving personnel. Employees, contractors, and visitors play a vital role in your workplace. However, high-traffic sites in high-risk environments can become accident-prone if people management is not effectively handled.

Whether you are in construction, mining, utilities, manufacturing, or any high-risk industry, site access control plays a vital role in keeping your job sites secure from unqualified individuals and ensuring your site’s compliance.

What is a site kiosk?

A Site Kiosk is the first entry point of a site, utilised for the collection and verification of identification for regulatory compliance. Typically used in high-traffic/high-risk areas such as medium/large construction, mining, and utilities sites, a Site Kiosk can be deployed anywhere that requires regulated site access.

Regulated site access generally verifies credentials, ensuring that workers and contractors have the relevant competencies (licences/insurances) and have completed site inductions to enter the site safely.

Traditionally, this has been done via manual intervention, whether by a person at an access point manually capturing data, or technologies such as NPC cards or mobile devices. 


Introducing ideagen Lucidity's kiosk

With Ideagen Lucidity’s new Kiosk, we now have a kiosk app that can scan QR codes for workers to enter and exit a worksite. The Lucidity Kiosk App complements our existing site access management capability (Onsite, LMS plus Contractor Management).

Previously, workers had no ability to sign in using a Kiosk (unless they had our physical Onsite boxes, which very few customers have). Workers either had to use their own mobile device or have a site manager with the Lucidity app sign them in. If they didn’t have a mobile device and there was no site manager, they couldn’t tap into a site using Lucidity.

A constant internet connection is not required for workers to use the app to tap in and out. However, the app does require an internet connection during setup. During setup, the app syncs with Lucidity servers and downloads all the relevant data regarding the users and areas on the customer’s instance.


Importance of a Site Kiosk

While Site Kiosks are not a new invention, the development of new technologies, such as Ideagen Lucidity’s Kiosk app, allows businesses to circumvent the usage of NPC cards and phones and simply utilise QR codes.

Safety Information: Kiosks can provide important safety information, ensuring that all personnel know the risks and precautions associated with the site. Furthermore, utilise Ideagen Lucidity’s Kiosk for safety declarations.  

Access Control: Site kiosks can be used to control access to the site, ensuring that only authorised personnel are allowed entry.

Check-In/Check-Out: Kiosks can be used to track the arrival and departure of personnel, providing a clear record of who is on site at any given time.

Emergency Information: In the event of an emergency, kiosks can provide critical information and instructions to ensure the safety of all personnel.

Benefits of Using Ideagen Lucidity’s Site Kiosk

Safety/Compliance: Ensuring that your business/site complies with WorkSafe.

Cost Savings: Labour costs and hardware/printing costs.

Efficiencies: Reduce the need for site admins to manually collect data, verify competencies, and check workers in and out of the site every time they arrive/leave.

Data Collection: Create detailed logs of who has been on site and when. Utilise this data collection to create reports.

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