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New Lucidity Feature: Organisational Structure Filtering by Object

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Actions are common across a number of modules in the system, discoverable via a ‘My Actions’ and ‘All Actions’ page. Historically when filtering these lists, the Organisational Structure filters have filtered based on the Organisational Structure of the Actionee, as seen in the Access/HR modules.

For people-centric modules like HR and Competency, this makes sense.

However, within the record-centric modules, Risk, Inform and Incident, these records often have one or more ‘child Actions’. Based on feedback from our Clients, most administrators reported that they would expect the Organisational Structure filters to act on the Org Units assigned to the records (Inform Records, Risk Registers, Incident Reports, etc.) rather than the Org Units associated to the Actionees of those Actions.

To support this, we are pleased to announce that as of version 17.24.1 you may now filter Actions based on the Organisational Structure of the module you’re currently working in. Some examples follow below. 

  • Filtering Actions by Division in the Incident, InForm or Risk modules will return all Actions where the Incident, InForm or Risk record Division matches the selected criteria
  • Filtering Actions by Division in the Competency module will return all Actions where the Actionee’s home Organisation Structure matches the selected criteria; this can be confirmed by verifying the Actionee’s Home Organisation Structure in the Access or HR modules.

Column configurations in these modules have also been changed to reflect the record’s Organisational Units, however, if you would like to display the Actionee’s current Org Units, you may additionally find these in the Column Configuration menu and add them to your list view in browser/excel.

If you have any questions please reach out to support@lucidity.io