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Introducing SiteConnect - Our Latest HSEQ Product

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In December 2021, SiteSoft International and Lucidity Software merged via acquisition. 

Through this acquisition, Lucidity Software now has a HSEQ product offering that extends from small to medium businesses (covered by the SiteConnect) through to large and enterprise businesses (covered by the Lucidity & Lucidity+ products). 

James Graham, CEO of Lucidity commented, “We very quickly realised that by bringing together the two businesses we could carve out a unique position in the HSEQ SaaS market that allowed us to better deliver against our purpose of ‘helping create a world where our client’s people & partners feel safe throughout the day’. 

Through this acquisition, the Lucidity team can now support our New Zealand clients with our new office in Auckland and additional 10+ staff to support our growth on the ground.


Who Is SiteSoft International?

Established in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2017, SiteSoft International provides innovative SMB solutions to  various industries specialising in mobile and onsite health and safety solutions. Their core product is SiteConnect, which has over 35,000 users, primarily in the property, construction and facilities management sectors. 

Similar to Lucidity, SiteConnect provides a live approach covering essential tasks displaying risks and hazards at all times, giving owners and managers of workplaces greater responsibilities than ever before.

Their software solutions ensure:

  • In-depth supervision of health and safety
  • Customisability
  • Allow identification of all risks and hazards
  • Stakeholders work from the same system
  • Smooth Inductions
  • Share key documents and information
  • Easy communication across the workplace 


What Does SiteConnect Offer?
SiteConnect provides users with the following features:

  • Multiple sign-ins: Geofencing, QR codes & kiosk management
  • Safety: Emergency communications & risk management systems
  • Prequalification: Contractor friendly & prequalification templates. Also includes scores & record documents
  • Custom Forms: Create relative forms to suit any job, including templates
  • Management: To cover hazards & risks, incidents, sites, employees & contractors & more!

The development of SiteSoft is to encourage effective daily practices with a customisable and time-efficient system that aligns with our own vision here at Lucidity.

Identifying and solving issues with SiteSoft now allows us to create special features for businesses of all sizes to operate more efficiently and accurately.


From Strength To Strength

Merging the two companies creates a broad skill set enabling a more holistic understanding of workplace health, safety, environment, and quality needs across multiple disciplines in both the Australian and New Zealand markets.

As we leverage both companies strengths and experiences, Lucidity will now offer a full HSEQ platform for small, medium, large and enterprise size businesses as we create a place for people to feel more safe within their work environments.

It will be a seamless transition for clients whose relationships with the company will go unchanged as we are all fully committed to growing and developing the business.

Both Lucidity and SiteSoft create a solution that has been designed to give management teams access to the crucial business data they need to keep their people safe. The future ahead is exciting as our teams work closer together day by day, continuing  to improve and develop our software to ensure that today’s professionals, for all business sizes, have a clear view of the path to potential.