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    Risk Management

    Take the risk out of risk management with a system that simplifies risk register creation and better prepares your team.

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    The Simple Risk Solution

    Poorly managed risk compromises the safety of your teams, sites and projects.

    Lucidity’s risk management software has been designed to empower an organisation’s management team to identify and capture the risks that their projects face, referencing the organisation’s critical risk controls as well as project specific needs. 

    A continuous process of feedback then improves and evolves the whole organisation's risk management structure, keeping your teams safe.


    Module Features

    Asset Register

    Simplify risk registers

    Select the relevant risk activities for a project's scope of work and the risk module automatically creates a draft risk register.

    Centralised Data

    Central management

    Create actions linked to individual risks in your risk register to help manage the implementation of critical risk controls. 

    Feedback Loop

    Feedback loops

    If new risks are found on a project, easily incorporate them back into the master risk register.



    View risk heat maps and track and monitor risk through the simple to use dashboards.


    Take the complexity out of creating risk registers

    Creating a risk register from scratch can be a challenge. Our software makes this easy.

    Bringing your master risk register into the Lucidity platform, we then work with you to connect these risks to the relevant activities where they occur.

    When the time comes to create a project-specific risk register, rather than trying to identify all relevant risks, all you need to do is select the activities associated with that project. Our software will then find the connected risks and pull them together into a customised risk register.

    Takes the unknown out of developing risk registers and means your teams are less likely to miss anything.

    Risk Management Feature 1

    Continuously improve risk management

    As detailed as your preparation may be, new risks are always likely to crop up during a project. Rather than just dealing with these risks on a case-by-case basis, we’re a big believer in continuously improving your risk management.

    Lucidity risk management has an inbuilt feedback loop allowing you to easily add in these additional risks to project-specific risk registers – then flag in the system that this new risk should be included in the master risk register so it isn’t missed next time. The system administrator will then receive a notification and can review the risk for inclusion.

    Ensuring that your teams are always prepared for any and every risk.

    Risk Management Feature 2


    "The new level of information we’ve been able to achieve with Lucidity has meant we’ve now got access to granular data, all collected from the field in real-time.

    It’s been a complete game-changer for us."

    See how Downer used Lucidity software to better manage their risk and safety processes.

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    Want some more information?

    Speak to one of our team about your organisation's HSEQ needs.

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