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Meet the Team: Linda, our Administration Consultant

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What is your Lucidity story? How did you join the team?

I joined Lucidity (when it was Cruse Partnership) about 14 years ago in an admin/consulting role. Within Lucidity my role is assisting with the implementation of new client data (imports etc.) and providing training and Intranet / Inform setup.

I also provide ongoing assistance to clients with issues that aren't help desk related. I work part time (Mon, Tue & Wed). although when we are very busy Thursdays as well.

What is your favourite function on the Lucidity Software? Why?

My favourite function would be Inform. The ability to create individual / unique forms is exciting.

What do you do when you’re not at your desk?

When not at my desk I enjoy cooking, running, reading, catching up with friends and family. I also have 3 children, so they keep me pretty busy.

Mac or PC?


Who is your favourite tech guru and why?

Don't have a favourite tech guru. Couldn't name one actually (as you can tell, I'm not a developer)