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Introducing Public Forms

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While businesses adapt to a new COVID world, there's an increased need for sophisticated and integrated record keeping both internally and externally. To help meet these data collection needs, we've added a new feature to Lucidity InForm.

Until now, Lucidity InForm has largely been focused on capturing form data from inside your organisation. But important business data doesn’t just exist there. Especially when making your business COVID-19 safe.

With our new Public Form update to InForm, anyone who interacts with your business from contractors and visitors to members of the public can now fill out the relevant digital forms. 

Users simply scan a QR code or visit a URL on their phone to open the form in a browser. Allowing easy access and completion of forms whether or not they have access to a Lucidity licence. This data will then be integrated into your existing Lucidity InForm system allowing you to track, cross-reference and initiate business processes easily within the existing InForm module.

Public Form will give you more control, a more efficient collection process and easier use of your data. Freeing up valuable time to focus on helping your business reach its full potential.

To learn how to set up a Public Form, visit the Lucidity Help Centre.


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