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    Automated and customisable online portal to streamline your induction process.

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    The Simple

    The induction process is crucial to ensure that contractors have access to the safety information they need before they step on site.

    The Lucidity online induction system simplifies this process through:

    • Fully customizable and branded onboarding portal
    • Configurable self-registration page which captures as much or as little information as you require.  
    • Customisable induction pathways based on site- and project-specific needs.  
    • Induction progress is linked to the Contractor and easily accessible and reviewed by managers.  
    • Induction receipts are automatically issued including QR codes for managers to scan as verification.

    Module Features

    Centralised Data

    Centralise onboarding

    Simply manage all inductions across multiple projects through a centralised flexible platform.



    Contractors can register themselves, automatically creating a record in the Lucidity system linked to their employer.

    Customised 2

    Customised portal

    Fully customise the induction portal with your own branding, company colours and imagery.


    Flexible training options

    Configure the induction pathway to serve necessary training based on project and sites.



    Capture the information you need

    Lucidity’s online induction system is fully configurable around your business needs.

    Customise the self-registration form to capture the exact information your organisation needs to record about each inductee. Upon completion, the Lucidity system will automatically create a profile for each person, linked to their company, providing easy access to view and track induction progress on one central platform.

    Induction Feature 1

    Project-Specific Inductions

    If you’re managing inductions for multiple sites and projects, chances are the inductions will need to be customised with specific information. Through the one portal you can configure a common or core induction package and then overlay site-specific inductions.  Inductees only need to do the core content once, and can return to do additional Project specific inductions as they are required.

    Deliver your content no matter where it's stored or its format.

    Our induction portal allows you to easily upload or link your existing content.  No need to develop anything new, or change the format.  We support SCORM, enabling rich, interactive presentations.  Of course your existing powerpoint or PDF is easily transferred to get you up and running with an online solution quickly and easily.

    Induction Feature 2

    Fredon Mono

    “Lucidity has been central to supporting these processes. Ensuring that we’re able to follow our own safety processes while also meeting our clients’ requirements and keeping everybody safe on site."

    See how Fredon uses Lucidity software to better capture the information they need. 

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