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    Incident Management

    Centralised management of company-wide events and issues from incident and hazard reporting to investigations and resolution.

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    The Simple

    Poorly managed incidents and hazards can have a significant effect on the safety and health of employees.

    The Lucidity system has been designed to help you better manage the full incident lifecycle. Simplifying and speeding up reporting through the easy-to-use Lucidity companion mobile app.

    The ensuing investigation is carried out via a simple, structured process that is tailored to each business.  Follow up actions and final review and sign-off complete the process. Detailed and insightful dashboards provide the business intelligence to modify behaviours and reduce the likelihood of recurrence.



    Module Features



    Easily report incidents from the field (including photos) through the Lucidity app. Ideal for use by all staff and contractors.


    Customised workflows

    Allocate incidents to the appropriate team members for investigation and subsequent close out. Trigger customised notifications to make sure the right people get the right information.


    Customised investigations

    Use our unique root cause analysis process to build a tailored investigation process to suit your business.  Supports ICAM, Tap Root and other widely used methodologies.



    Customise dashboards to draw crucial business intelligence from your incident data.


    Manage all incident processes in one place

    Lucidity’s incident management software brings all company-wide incidents and events into a central issues register, tracking:

    • Incidents
    • Hazards
    • Non-conformances
    • Opportunities for improvements
    • Complaints

    Once an incident is reported in the system, it will trigger the relevant alerts and workflows based on factors such as severity, project or nature of the event. Trigger notifications based on an extensive set of incident factors make sure the right people are alerted to prompt investigations, follow up actions and close out.

    Incident Feature 1

    Stay on top of incident reporting on-the-ground

    A delay in reporting incidents and hazards can put your workforce at risk.

    Through the Lucidity companion mobile app, your employees can quickly and simply report incidents, hazards and non-conformances straight from the field on their phone.

    This will immediately trigger alerts and workflows to ensure that these reports can be quickly managed and keep your workforce and sites safe.

    Incident Feature 2

    Centralise all audit documentation and follow up

    Staying on top of external audit findings and regulatory notices is an essential way to maintain compliance and keep your people safe. Lucidity’s incident management system has a dedicated section to help you manage these processes.

    Upload audit documentation, assign follow up actions, findings and non-conformances in one central place. Allowing easy access to track and monitor progress towards your audit recommendations.  

    Need a seamless way to conduct your own audits? See our industry leading digital form building solution.

    Incident Audits

    Fredon Mono

    "The most important benefit of the Lucidity system for us is being able to get the right piece of data into the right hands at the right time with the least amount of effort."

    See how Fredon uses Lucidity to ensure that they are proactively tackling risks before they lead to workplace incidents. 

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