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Simple, affordable, powerful Health and Safety solution for growing businesses

The Simple Site Safety Solution for Growing Businesses

SiteConnect is a health & safety and contractor tracking technology. It includes site inductions for contractor compliance, hazard register, incident register, task analysis register, hazardous products register and an emergency response plan register.

New features include tasks, contractor pre-qualifications and site audits.

The app uses GPS capabilities and QR code scanning technologies to provide contractors with relevant site inductions and site hazard information. Site Connect is a product developed by SiteSoft New Zealand Ltd.

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SiteConnect Features

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Safety Management

  • Hazard & Risk register
  • Hazardous substance register
  • Digital site noticeboard
  • Incident & near-miss reporting
  • Incident investigations
  • Training and competency register
  • Communications SMS/push notification/email
  • Task management
  • Emergency evacuation information
  • Site reporting
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Site Sign-Ins

  • Qr Code
  • Geofence
  • Kiosk/Tablet
  • Site inductions
  • Company inductions
  • Notification systems
  • Time on/who is on-site reporting
  • Site Management
  • COVID-19 Healthy Site
  • Lost Time Incidents (LTI)
  • Inductions
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Contractor Management

  • Prequalification
  • Document management
  • Contractor SSSP/safety plan management
  • Expiry dates
  • Contractor portal
  • Training & Prequalification
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Digital Form Builder

  • Build any form/form builder (10+ fields to choose from)
  • PDF form creation and automation
  • SSSP creation and automation
  • Safety observations
  • Toolbox Talks
  • Site inspections and Audits
  • Task Analysis/JSA/SWMS
  • Site documents

Why SiteConnect?

Benefits of SiteConnect

  • Out-of-the-box functionality 
  • In-depth supervision of health and safety
  • Customisability – ensure your system does what it needs!
  • Allow identification of all risks and hazards
  • Stakeholders work from the same system
  • Smooth Inductions
  • Share key documents and information
  • Easy communication across the workplace

SiteConnect in use

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