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Simplifying Training

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There are a huge range of benefits that can be gained from training your workforce. It ensures your employees have access to the latest information to help them complete their jobs safely and efficiently. It helps them to continue growing their skill sets which increases their satisfaction in the workforce. And finally, it equips your business with the skills that are needed to tackle any market changes and capitalize on growth opportunities. It’s a win-win . . . win.

Knowing the importance of training across the business, the Lucidity platform has been set up to help you easily and simply facilitate upskilling your staff with the roles function.

The roles function can be found in the Competency module. This allows managers to assign one or more roles to each of their employees – effectively grouping similar workers and work functions together in the Lucidity system.

 Click here to learn how to create roles (4 min video)

One of the key benefits of assigning roles comes when organizing staff training.

Employees with similar responsibilities are grouped together through the roles function. As they are completing similar jobs, they are likely to have the same training needs and, therefore the requirement to complete the same training. The Competency module monitors each role, and automatically maintains an up-to-date training needs analysis, identifying both the training gaps and any training that is approaching expiry for each employee.

No longer do you need to assign training needs one-by-one. This is time- and resource-consuming, especially when working with large segments of your workforce. The roles function simplifies this process into a couple of clicks.

Instead of assigning to individual employees, you can assign a training need to a role. This will automatically link the training need to every employee associated with that role, immediately adding this need into each of their Lucidity accounts ready for e-learning completion or upload of a license or certificate. Helping you to ensure that your staff’s training is always kept up to date.

Want to know more? Click this link to visit our support pages and learn how to assign training needs via the roles function.