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Q & A with Newman Mundy Chief Operating Officer of Solmech

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By implementing Lucidity Software, Solmech has improved compliance by a whopping 200% and set up the business for long term growth with progress towards triple ISO Certification.

Describe your core business. Our core business is the installation of ground mount and rooftop solar systems around Australia. We are also looking into growth in civil works for some of our past clients which will happen in the next 3-6 months.

Why did you decide to purchase HSEQ software? As a business we knew we required an Integrated Management System (IMS) to provide efficiency through the business for our health and safety, asset management, quality and environment. We are also looking to be triple ISO Certified at a later stage so the quicker we could implement a system and get the team use to using it the easier it would be for us to meet our requirements for ISO Certification.

In conducting your market evaluation, why did you choose Lucidity Software? We chose Lucidity due to using it on another project and we liked how easy it was to use.

How has Lucidity Software enabled you to improve your business? Lucidity has increased our work flow in all the areas we required, as well as improving our compliance by over 200 per cent in the first couple of months of use. This will continue to grow as we expand our team. It has given us access for the management team to see all documentation and understand HSE, QA and operational activities that are being conducted on site.

How do you see Lucidity Software helping you reach your full business potential in the future? Lucidity will help us to continue our growth and become triple ISO Certified.