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Product Spotlight - My Emails

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The My Emails functionality allows an Excel report of particular records or information to be created and email to recipients automatically on a regular schedule. This feature may also be referred to as ‘Scheduled Reports’. This functionality is excellent to provide regular reports on specific views and help prompt users on work required.

Step 1: Create Filter In order to be able to set automated emails, an understanding of the My Filters function is required. Filters are a powerful tool enabling general or very specific searches to be applied. Please see My Filters user guide.

1. Navigate to the desired page within Lucidity Software were the reporting requirements can be found e.g Lucidity Incident 2. Create the desired filter as per the User Guide instructions 3. The filter will now appear as an available filter in the My Filters tab

Step 2: Select Filter Continuing from the same page: Click the 'My Emails' tab. Click 'Add New' Select the filter created in Step 1 e.g 'Near Misses within the last month'

Step 3: Select Report Type Most email notifications allow for standard Excel or CSV files. Use the Report Type filter to select the desired option. Click 'Done'

Step 4: Select Frequency Emails can be sent: (On a specific day, Weekly or first/last day of the month) Use the frequency filter to select the desired option. Then click 'Done'.

Step 5: Select Notifie(s) Click 'Add' and select the desired report recipient(s) from the notifies filter. Then click 'Save'

Step 6: Test Email Once saved, the option to send a test email becomes available. Test emails will NOT be sent to all the selected notifies but rather to the logged in user, the user creating the email notification.

To send a test email: Click 'Send Test'. A confirmation message will appear.

Step 7: Email Auto Sent The email will now be sent to all notifie(s) as per the frequency set and appear similar to the below. Note no email will be sent if there are no results returned.

Complete Help details are available at: My emails guide