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Product feature: form approval workflow

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We are excited to announce a brand new feature allowing for approval workflows in Lucidity InForm. This means a single form can be passed between a number of users for different levels of approval. Some customers have commented that this feature will be of significant benefit to their business when using InForm, predicting savings of up to $80,000 each year from reduced administration.

Form approval workflow

The approval form field allows additional users to be added as part of a workflow approval process. A particular user can be set to always have to sign off on every form (for example if the form is a plant pre-start the plant manager may need to approve every form). Or it can be set so the original person creating the form can select a different approver each time.

Screen shot of the form approval feature

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Watch these videos from the user guide to see how the approval process works and how to set it up:

Approval Workflow example

How to setup the approval workflow

The feature will be available mid-July 2020.