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OnSite - A site attendance solution for any site anywhere

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Lucidity OnSite allows businesses to keep track of all persons on a particular worksite at any given time. All visitors need to do is tap their personal key cards onto an OnSite Access Point set up at the entrance.

Linked to Lucidity’s Contractor and Competency modules, this unassuming tablet can be used to sign visitors in and out of any worksite. It can also check if each individual entering has the correct competencies or documents (such as valid licences and certifications) required for the site, prior to permitting access.

OnSite is simple enough for a client to install on their own and if you prefer to restrict access, then it can even be configured to activate a turnstile or gate.

Benefits and useful applications of OnSite:
  • Ensure that all visitors have been properly inducted prior to entry

  • Ensure the people entering sites have the requisite competencies and/or documents

  • Report who and how many persons are on site for emergency response

  • Verify attendance of contractors and their time spent on site


Features of OnSite:

  • Easy to use hardware-based keycard entry system

  • Ability to be integrated to a turnstile or gate

  • Integrates with the Lucidity Software modules

  • Robust housing, suitable for both internal and external worksites

Given that you can load any access requirement into the module, OnSite is a flexible solution that could be used for just about any organisation that needs to keep tabs on visitors and their accreditations. For a demo or a chat about how OnSite could work for you, contact us today.