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Lucidity Software Integrations to save you time and money

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Look around you and there is probably at least one device connected to the internet, if not two or three. It's impossible to imagine a world without technology but did you ever wonder how computers 'talk'? When you send an email from your laptop or run a voice search from your mobile phone, it's a conversation between two programs.

This type of software integration is called an Application Programming Interface or API for short and it's a language of sorts that defines the nouns (objects), adjectives (endpoints) and verbs (GET/POST) used by different programs to communicate.

At Lucidity, we use software integrations such as APIs and Single Sign On (SSO) to transfer information between systems, negating the need for human action, reducing costly errors and freeing up countless hours of administration for our clients.

APIs at Lucidity 

We have developed a rich set of APIs that facilitate the bi-directional flow of information in a secure and structured manner. While each individual use case for API access will vary, the most common ways our APIs are used include:

  • Management of users, assets and companies from external systems (Microsoft Active Directory or JOBPAC); and

  • Reading of data for import to an external system.

Connecting to the Lucidity Software API saves our clients hours in manual handling of data and dramatically improves accuracy.

Single Sign On (SSO) at Lucidity Software

For organisations that have a large number of users, we offer a Single Sign On (SSO) solution to make logging into Lucidity Software seamless. If your organisation has a directory of users managed in such as Microsoft Active Directory or Azure, SSO integration is ideal. With this integrated SSO solution, users can use their existing credentials to log in to Lucidity Software.

Available for our desktop and mobile applications, this ‘one click login’ prevents countless password resets and saves time administering users. How much time have your personally lost trying to retrieve passwords this past year? Multiply that across a large workforce and you have some serious down time that may be prevented with more sophisticated software implementation.

As always, at Lucidity Software it is our aim to make the complicated simple. Software integrations with our API and the SSO solutions we offer are just some of the many ways we help our clients facilitate the flow of essential data, allowing you to focus on other aspects that will drive your business forward.