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New App Update: Lucidity App Version 7 Launched

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At Lucidity, our software aims to make mobility easier. Allowing all your staff, no matter where they do their job, to easily access and contribute to HSEQ and business data. From completing forms out in the field to receiving notifications about asset maintenance, the Lucidity App plays a key role in this process keeping data constantly available wherever you are.

We’ve just released a new version of the Lucidity mobile app to make this process even easier to use and better for users with accessibility requirements. Find out what’s new and how it will help you simplify your business and HSEQ processes.

Users will now find it easier to navigate complex forms. We’ve made improvements to the signature and geo-location fields along with new icons throughout app menus to increase accessibility.

We have also introduced two new features to the forms section to simplify the process of locating and sharing the information you need.

Searching for the specific data you need is now easier with a new chronological filtering ability for forms. And then share that data using our new ‘share sheets’ function through any application on your phone, from email and text to Slack, with the ability to save information locally or on the cloud.

This new interface is available on iOS, Android and Tablet in the App Store and Google Play. Download now to simplify your mobile experience.