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Streamlining Inductions with Improved PDF Coursewear Interface

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We’ve recently seen a growing trend in our clients completing inductions on mobile. To enhance your experience in this mobile-first environment we’ve released a new PDF solution to make your inductions simpler.

PDFs are an incredibly popular format for sharing material across companies as they maintain a consistent format and can be easily opened on any device. This has been a growing format in the eLearning space. Especially as companies migrate to remote eLearning on mobile to ensure easy access to relevant documents (such as emergency plans) while presenting information in a visual and more memorable manner.

However, we’ve recently seen some changes in smart phone browsers which are making interaction with PDFs increasingly difficult with accessibility issues and navigation issues as participants try to return to their current place in the induction process.

Our developers at Lucidity have been hard at work developing a solution to simplify your experience with PDFs in the Induction module.

Integrating a new PDF reader, PDFs will now be loaded as ‘pop-overs’ above the induction course that is being completed. This means that the PDFs will take over the screen to allow increased accessibility, zooming functionality and navigation ability to engage deeper with the information. Once finished, inductees can also easily close the pop up screen and return to the exact point they had reached in their induction.

This latest update will further simplify the induction process, helping your inductees receive a greater understanding of the induction material and complete the required modules quicker allowing them to get on with their jobs.