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Feature Spotlight: InForm Scoping

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We are excited to announce we have introduced improvements to the way form groups in Lucidity InForm can be scoped. This will make the initial setup and ongoing maintenance of InForm access quicker and easier for all administrators.


Form Group Scoping

Users can be scoped by form groups which means only forms within the selected form groups will be available for completion and viewing. Previously, this has only been available at the individual user level, making it an intensive administrator task. Our newly added functionality means that form group scoping can now be applied at the Access role level. This means groups of users can be scoped to one or more form groups all at the same time.

 Watch a video of how this new functionality works here.


Sum of Form Groups

Form group access can still be applied at the individual user profile level, however this is only recommended in unusual, one-off unique cases.

When this functionality is applied, it’s important to note that the form groups the user has access to will be a sum/ accumulation of:

  • form groups in their Access role AND

  • form groups within their individual profile. 

If the Access role has 3 form groups selected for example, and the individual user profile has 3 different form groups selected, the user will have access to all 6 form groups.

 To scope a role to specific form groups:

  1. From the Access module, Roles page, create a new role as normal. Full instructions can be found here.

  2. To scope to a particular form group, untick the ‘Scope to all form groups’ option.

  3. By default, the ‘Scope to all form groups’ will be ticked, meaning all users in the role will have access to all forms

  4. Select all the form groups to be scoped

View the InForm Scoping section in the Access user guide here for more information.

If this feature is not yet available in your system, please contact Lucidity Support.

Note: Existing form group scoping applied to users will not be affected.