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Connecting employees across the country with Royal Wolf

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 With over 25 years experience and operations across locations throughout Australia and New Zealand, Royal Wolf is proud to be Australasia’s largest provider of shipping container hire, sales and specialised modification solutions. While this means they are best placed to meet the needs of their customers wherever they are located, it was providing some challenges for their existing Safety, Environment and Quality Management system.

“A lot of administration time was being spent on data entry from existing paper-based systems, we weren’t seizing all our opportunities to identify process issues and we wanted to improve the communication around risk management. The time had come to invest in a truly integrated management system that was customised to our specific business processes and would allow for improved decision making,” says Nate Chellew, Royal Wolf’s National Manager Safety & Operations.

Royal Wolf reached out to Lucidity after exploring many platforms and solutions available in the marketplace. Lucidity provides an innovative way to digitally publish Royal Wolf’s updated integrated management system. This meant that access to timely and relevant information wouldn’t be a problem for anyone in their business.

Mobility in the field for frontline users and managers was one of our major focuses. With a mobile workforce, capturing what is happening out of the office and ensuring that everyone has access to the latest information can be a challenge. But it is crucial in setting Royal Wolf up for success.

“Lucidity’s software allows all our business processes to be captured in one app. This means that there will be one central place for each employee to refer to, gaining easy access to the customised set of tools that they needed to be empowered to do their job at the highest level.”

Not only does this significantly streamline existing processes. It also means that Royal Wolf will be able to increase business transparency which was an important component in their choice of software solution.

“Working with managers that have significant legal responsibility, means that transparency is crucially important for our business. Lucidity is able to bridge the gap and improve communication across the company revolutionising the way we deal with risk management.

“The support and ease of working in partnership with Lucidity has been exceptional. They have been vital to the ongoing development of our systems and will be a huge support as we move towards ISO accreditation.”


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