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Client Story: Downer

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Managing risk is a challenge for any business.


When you have various teams working in different high-risk environments, that challenge is multiplied. Being able to quickly identify and address risks can be a key factor in ensuring that every worker returns home safely at the end of the day.


This idea is central to Downer, a company founded on the deeply held value of Zero Harm.

“When you work in a high-risk industry, it is crucial to have visibility over where your critical risks are within the business,” Downer’s Group Manager of Reporting & Analytics, Yakov Terterian says.


To ensure they live up to this value, Downer recognises the importance of putting powerful systems in place to simply and easily capture the various metrics needed to understand their safety, environmental management and risk performance.


“Previously, a number of different processes were being used by different departments across the company to capture this critical risk data,” Yakov says.


“Information was being captured through paper forms or various off-the-shelf digital platforms – depending on what team you were in – and it was being housed in several different locations.


“While this allowed us to draw top-line insights around what was going on in each of our projects, it provided limitations when drilling into granular data, looking at company-wide trends or drawing proactive insights to help safely increase productivity.”


Working with Downer, we developed a solution to help easily provide greater access to its data and streamline their ability to analyse and interrogate real-time mobile information from its operations.


“It’s been a game-changer for us,” Yakov says. “Using the Lucidity platform, we were able to bring all the different data capture methods from across the business into one simple, central platform.


“This platform also significantly increased the use of the risk forms. We were able to make it easier to complete processes as the software allowed us to standardise business forms, and deploy them into the field through the Lucidity app. This all resulted in the capture of larger amounts of the exact data we needed to draw meaningful insights to keep our workers and contractors safe.


“It’s given us visibility of the information we collect. It has also allowed us to standardise our data collection process, simplify a lot of our workflows and ultimately helped support our Zero Harm strategy.”