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Adapting to a COVID safe world

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As organisations in every sector around the country adjust to COVID-normal operations, new issues are being faced when tracking and monitoring workplaces to keep staff safe.


It can be challenging in these times working with a huge number of supply chains, contractors, sub-contractors and a largely mobile workforce. This is an issue that McIlwain tackles head on with Lucidity’s new Public Form feature in the InForm module.


Allowing anybody - whether they have a Lucidity profile or not - to complete crucial workplace forms and feed information into a business’ existing systems, Public Form is a game changer for COVID-safe workplaces.


‘We jumped on this new feature as soon as it came out and we’ve already seen great take up across our workplaces,’ says Kyle Mitchell, Information Technology Co-ordinator at McIlwain. ‘It’s quickly become a key driver in helping us achieve our COVID-safe business plan.


‘When our workers and contractors get to a site, they simply scan a QR code or head to a URL on their phone and capture the info that will help us keep track of movement around our sites. In the case of any COVID-19 reports, we’re ready and can easily find close contacts who we’d need to alert.’

With so much more to think about in this current climate, any change in business processes needs to be simple and not get in the way of day-to-day operations.


‘The implementation was incredibly easy. After I’d set up the forms, I just had to walk around the sites and put up some signs,’ said Kyle.


‘It’s pretty similar to how the pubs are doing contact tracing at the moment. And as soon as lockdowns eased around the country, everyone became pretty familiar with that system at their local.


‘It’s been really quickly adopted into the business because everyone already knows how to use it and it’s assisted us greatly when contractors and sub-contractors come on site. They see the QR code and know exactly what it’s for and how to use it.’