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4 tips to make your workplace COVID safe

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Victoria is beginning to open up and join all the other Australian states and territories as they navigate towards COVID normal operations. We’ve put together four tips on how you can use Lucidity software to help keep your workforce safe and operating at their maximum potential during this time.


1. Don’t compromise training just because you can’t be in the same room


Training and upskilling are more important than ever before as workers operate in smaller, more distant teams. Lucidity Induction and Competency help ensure your workforce have all the qualifications they need to successfully carry out their job – and it can all be done remotely. With access to training modules and inductions online, there’s significantly decreased risk for the business with no face-to-face contact and no gaps in your workers’ required skills.


2. Know the latest business updates


Staying connected while we are keeping apart can be a challenge. No longer can you rely on the workplace grapevine to communicate

what’s going on, but you can rely on Lucidity Intranet. As one of the modules at the centre of any Lucidity subscription, Intranet provides a platform to publish timely internal news updates, conditions and controls that impact your workforce. And it gives your workforce a consistent place to look whenever they need to know the latest information.

Take the opportunity to digitize common processes and help establish the new ‘COVID-normal’ for your business. Use Lucidity InForm for a Working at Home checklist, or even a weekly ‘How are you going’ form for a quick snapshot of how the team is travelling.

To the right is a sample of a working at home checklist on the Lucidity App, which is quickly and easily created using Lucidity InForm.


3. Create a coronavirus (COVID-19) hub for your COVID Safe Plan

Do you have new workplace practices in place to keep your staff safe? How do you communicate the changes to restrictions over time? Create a new section in Lucidity Intranet as a dedicated hub for all important COVID-19 information including your COVID Safe Plan. Housing this in one place means that your staff know where to look and can check in regularly to make sure they are operating in line with the most relevant restrictions.


4. Capture contact tracing information

Flawless staff, contractor and visitor records play a crucial role in continuing business during this pandemic and allow you to easily manage any potential COVID-19 exposure among your workforce.

The Public Form feature in Lucidity InForm allows you to set up customised sign in registers with escalation procedures that can be easily accessed through a phone or device. And, best of all, this information is captured in your existing system providing easy access to the data.

Check out an example of a COVID Safe Entry Checklist by clicking this link or scanning the below QR code.


Want to add any of these functions into your Lucidity system to stay COVID safe? Reach out to the Help Desk to have a chat about how we can help.