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    Staff Profile: Jason St Clair

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    Hello, I’m Jason St Clair and I’m the Customer Support Manager here at Lucidity Software. I’ve worked at Lucidity Software for nearly six months. I have been impressed with their culture, the people and the journey so far.

    I believe that technology should enrich our lives and make things easier. My passion (at work) is about how can we make it easier for our customers and ourselves. How can we deliver solutions that fit the customers business needs? How can we achieve this through teamwork?

    My 20+ year career has been based on technical support and customer service. I’ve spent more than 15 years working for global software companies. With 12 years at BMC Software, 4 years at EBSCO Industries and 2 years at Hansen Technologies. I’ve enjoyed the pace and challenges in the software industry.

    When I’m not in the office I’m normally spending time with my 9-year-old twins. Outside of that I am a qualified Massage therapist that has done Reiki. I do boxing classes for fitness and love anything to do with the 80’s. I’m Australian and have learnt a lot from other cultures. The best question I have had from someone is, “What does it mean to be Australian?”. This is the current lesson/experience that my family and I are on.