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Lucidity provides integration with Asset and Inform modules

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Our team has been working hard in the background and are excited to bring you our latest improvement – the ability to integrate asset details from the Lucidity Asset module into form records from the Lucidity InForm module. For example, integrate a forklift and all it’s properties into a daily pre-start form, with the simple selection of the required forklift from a drop-down list. Not only does this save the user valuable time, it ensures consistency in form data and eliminates the margin for user input error.

All assets entered into the Asset module will be available to be integrated into an InForm. When creating a new form from the Form Admin page in Lucidity InForm, administrators will now have a new option available to include assets as a drop-down.

Once selected, the additional asset fields to be incorporated into the form can be selected. From here, administrators can progress to the edit form page as normal and build the forms with all the standard form fields as required.

From an end user perspective, a new section will appear on the form, listing all the additional asset fields. The user simply utilises the drop-down search box to locate the required asset and, provided the fields are populated within the Asset module, the data will automatically populate within the form – the user isn’t required to do anything more.

This functionality is also available via the Lucidity App and works in a similar fashion – simply select the required asset and let the system populate everything else automatically.For more details, view a tutorial video here and access the Lucidity InForm user guide here.