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Lucidity drives contractor management at the MCG

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The MCG is more than just a sports venue. It’s a place where memories are made and childhood dreams come alive. There are fleeting moments at the ‘G that stay with you forever.

Ask any Victorian and they’ll be aware of the Melbourne Cricket Ground’s status as the home of sport.

But it is also steeped in a rich history; established in 1853, less than 20 years after the founding of Melbourne, it is often described as the beating heart of Melbourne.

The ‘G is a complex work environment with many contractors coming on site daily for construction, maintenance and service support including electricians, horticulturists and caterers. There are about 150 permanent club employees and event staff are drawn from a pool of 1000-plus for match-day duties at the ground. This creates potential risks for the venue to ensure all contractors understand their Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) obligations and supply appropriate documentation.

Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC), who are responsible for the administration of the MCG, selected Lucidity to help manage this issue through contractor induction and document management.

Lucidity worked with a multidisciplinary MCC team including IT, OHS and Facilities Managers to implement the Induction and Contractor modules to provide e-learning induction courseware and a document management system.

The first stage has been to convert existing training slides into a responsive e-learning course that can be viewed on any device from computers to smartphones. This means contractors have immediate access to induction material to understand their obligations but, more importantly, how to stay safe at the ‘G.

This also saves significant time for MCC staff who can now view induction records by contractor company and their employees.

Lucidity is also supporting the management of documents from contractors via the Contractor module, stay tuned to learn more about this initiative in future news.

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