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New Permit to Work Module

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Manage the full Permit to Work life cycle including a simple approval process, identification of required isolations, sign off and closure. The Permit to Work module allows existing checklists to be used by attaching the completed checklist to the appropriate permit, to which the system then adds an approval & management workflow for full control. The Permit Register allows the status of all permits to be easily monitored. Permissions allow for contractors to draft and submit permits for review and approval by the project manager or prime contractor, who also signs off on the permit following completion of work.

Processes supported include:

  1. Track Processes​: Lucidity Permit to Work allows organisations to track end-to-end processes involved with Permits to Work. Permits can be drafted, submitted for approval and subsequently approved. Required isolations are identified and applied.

  2. Approve Permits​​: Once the permit is approved and the required isolations are in place, the permit can be started (work is under way). Isolations must be isolated prior to the Permit starting and cannot be modified until the Permit is finished.

  3. Close Permits​​: Once the Permit is finished, isolations can be re-instated and then the Permit can be closed. Isolations must be restored before the Permit can be closed.

Product Features include:

Staged Workflow Processes ​ The Permit workflow moves the Permit through a series of stages. Once the Permit is created, progression to the next stage is generally triggered by either the Permit Manager or the Permit Approver. Prerequisites may be required prior to progressing to the next stage.

Pause or Restart Permits

It is possible to pause a Permit and restart it at a later date. A Permit may need to be paused if a worker is ill for example. In these situations, Isolations will likely need to be reinstated but the Permit needs to remain open as the work is incomplete.