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Cummins makes safety a priority with Lucidity Induction

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Cummins, one of Lucidity’s valued clients, is an American Fortune 500 corporation that designs, manufactures and distributes engines, filtration and power generation products. One of Cummins’ current projects involves supporting the Agnew Gold Mine Power Station project in Western Australia, using gas, diesel and renewable generation.

Cummins is dedicated to keeping its people safe and is committed to the implementation and compliance of safe work practices by creating education and awareness for employees around work safety. Lucidity was proud to be given the opportunity to support Cummins in this important initiative.

By utilising training material developed by Cummins in both PowerPoint and video format, we were able to ensure the training was easily accessible via our Induction module. Lucidity Induction enables companies such as Cummins to upload learning materials and quizzes, which in turn allows contractors and/or employees to complete the training via a simple self-registration process prior to commencing any work.

The learning material now being implemented by Cummins via Lucidity Induction includes a powerful video with content from a Cummins employee who lost his brother during a work place safety incident. Using a video in the training materials with a real-life example provides a direct connection and relatable context to all workers between safe work practices and the impact losing a loved one can have on families and communities.

Cummins was able to use video in an innovative and engaging manner to ensure all staff completing the training remembers the importance of safety practices and makes it a priority in their day to day work. The end goal is to ensure everyone goes home safely.

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