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Social responsibility – spreading our wings

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Whilst Lucidity software is an Australian owned and operated organisation, our social responsibility is a global one.

Let me introduce you to the Children’s House in Boulder Colorado operated by Australian Michael Knuckey from Victoria and his partner Elaine McCarthy.

The Children’s House believes all children of every race, ability, native language, culture and socio- economic status have the right to flourish in an inclusive preschool program. Their goal is to provide a culturally sensitive, enriching early childhood environment to prepare children socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically for life.

Not every family is in a position to take advantage of The Children’s House so Lucidity provides a small monthly fee that sponsors a family in need.

Here is their story...

My husband and I met in the dairy isle of a grocery store almost eleven years ago and in 2011 we married on a little apple orchard and decided to start trying to grow our family.

After about a year of trying we found out that we were dealing with infertility. Like so many couples who find themselves in this kind of situation we had a few years of real heart ache.

One day I got a phone call from my mother saying there was a little boy who needed a family. A student had lost the parental rights of her son and they wanted to make sure he went to a safe home with people who would keep connection with them. That was the beginning of our family...

He was 1.5 years old when he came to live with us and last week he turned 5. He was a wild child when he joined our family. He had severe attachment trauma, was physically violent, and seemed to have no tools for regulation. We rallied. We got every kind of therapist we could find to come into our home to try and help us help him. To be honest the next few years were some of the hardest in our lives. We simultaneously fell in love with this little boy and were just riddled with worry for him and how his life would go with the trauma he was grappling with.

A few months into his 4th year we started to notice significant changes in his behaviour. He is still a person with a HUGE personality, which we tried really hard to help him maintain, because we love that part of him, but he seems to be able to trust himself a little more easily now. His tolerance for the unexpected has grown so much and even when he starts to de-regulate I see him so sweetly bring himself back now. We used to have to tell him to take breaths all the time and now I sometimes catch him getting frustrated with something and taking his deep breaths all by himself without being prompted.

He is kind and intuitive, generous, and seems to be getting more and more aware of his surroundings as the years pass. I have so much hope for him and his life.

This year at school we have seen such amazing progress. The last couple years he was barely a member of the class, because he needed such individual attention, and this year he seems to be an active classmate. He LOVES Children's House so much and when Michael told us he could get funding for him to attend all day on Mondays we were all over the moon!

The first day I picked him up from Children's House at the beginning of the year all the kids were sitting outside listening to Elaine read a book. Elaine started making a gesture with her hand and asked the kids to follow along and make the same gesture. As I walked up I saw our little boy sitting in the middle of the group and then I saw him mimic Elaine's hand gesture. To anyone else this would be a normal thing, but for our sweet little boy this was HUGE! The fact that he was sitting still for more than a couple minutes and seemed to be listening and hearing what Elaine was reading was something I hadn't seen him be able to do.

Then, to see him have enough attention to mimic her hand gesture. I truly had tears in my eyes.

Our little boy now has a baby sister who we also get to care for sometimes and he is enjoying sharing our love.

Thank you so much for your generous donation to our family. It is so so so appreciated! We would not be able to resource our little boy with such an amazing educational environment if it wasn't for the generosity of Children's House and your donation to our little family.