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Mine Managers Meet to Discuss Safety

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Last week mine managers across Western Australia came together to talk about safety at the fourth annual registered mangers forum. Set up by the Western Australian Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety, the forum is an opportunity for leaders in the industry to come together and discuss a wide range of safety concerns.

Some of the main topics of discussion were the upgrades to the online safety regulation system and the changing competency landscape in the mining industry. The forum is a part of the Western Australian Government’s “Towards 2020” commitments, a regulatory strategy for improving health and safety in the resources sector.

The strategy covers a wide range of topics and includes commitments to fully integrate online systems that streamline administration and regulatory functions and improve traffic management processes. An overview of the commitments can be found here

According to Western Australian Mines and Petroleum Minister Bill Johnston “workers, supervisors, managers and inspectors all have a role to play in preventing injuries and fatalities on site.” But what are the best ways to adhere to the commitments and how can businesses make it easier for their employees to maintain safety standards in mining?

Lucidity full suite of software solutions already supports several clients in the management of safety in mining and metalliferous industries.

Lucidity Incident provides systems to report, investigate, analyse and action incidents. Lucidity operates securely and intuitively on any device with internet access, allowing businesses to integrate and streamline their online systems.

Lucidity Asset as an asset management system provides a centralised data set of assets, allows scheduling notifications or ad-hoc maintenance on equipment as required.

Lucidity Risk provides the framework for management and monitoring risk in compliance with ISO 31000 Risk Management and in compliance with mines regulations

Lucidity suite of products on offer are designed to provide the framework for compliance management.

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