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Why Your Business Needs Incident Management Software

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Incident Management Software is an integral part of health, safety and environmental compliance. The ability to react quickly to log, communicate and escalate incidents goes a long way in mitigating negative outcomes.

Lucidity’s Incident Management Software delivers:

Faster Escalation

Lucidity Incident configuration of the notification system allows for immediate communications and as appropriate, escalation to specific roles. This means that if a notifiable incident occurs its escalated and addressed within the prescribed regulatory timeframe.

Quicker Resolution

Emergency response protocols once enacted are accessible through Lucidity Incident’s action system providing instant communication interfaces. This enables causal factors to be identified and considered in a shared forum. Investigation and subsequent remedial actions can follow without undue delay. incident.

Analytics and Reporting

Data capture and analysis through various filters and set up of configurable reporting dashboards is quick, easy and an essential reporting tool.

Reporting options are endless. Task based, causal based injuries, top 5 hazards etc. Also reporting of LTIs, MIs and the likes through inclusion of labor hours, project based or other filtered reports. Reports can be auto generated and sent to individual or groups on a scheduled basis.

Save Time – Save Costs

Lucidity Incident auto populates known corporate/project information saving on recording and reporting times. Data is held securely, generating reports for electronic distribution. Search and traceability functions save time and money. The action management system provides fast, simple and traceable distribution of reports and assigned actions to individuals or groups.

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