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Team building and eLearning with Lucidity Learning

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What is the importance of team building…and how can Lucidity Learning help?

Of course it's likely there is important work to be completed, but investing time in corporate team bonding sessions can benefit employees and the business in the long run.

Team cohesion, engagement, drive, positive collaboration, and effective and efficient communication equals happier and more motivated and productive individuals.

Research has shown that team building has positive effects on team performance, with the secret being to keep team building exercises ‘normal’ and to avoid creating invasive and uncomfortable situations.

There’s also evidence to show that the connectedness of a team increases motivation. Along with fair treatment, feeling accomplished and camaraderie, these are the top factors people value at work.

From an employer’s perspective, training your team is just as crucial as hiring the right person when it comes to job satisfaction, productivity and efficiency.

Lucidity Learning is a complete online learning management system, allowing companies to cover every aspect of training for attracting, training and developing its people. Lucidity Learning is also designed to help companies with the induction of new employees and sub-contractors.

Given the need for quality training systems and cohesive team environments, companies are increasingly faced with complex training requirements. Many companies have turned to stand-alone online training solutions as a way of dealing with increasing demands for training and development. Online training solutions are the ideal solution to schedule, monitor and manage training in a world where businesses are mobile and run 24/7. Online training is also an effective way to manage inductions.

Companies talk a lot about the value of ‘business intelligence’ and ‘big data’ but little is said about the ‘people intelligence’ that integrated online training solutions can provide. Lucidity Learning allows companies to monitor the effectiveness and compliance of their training programs, as well as generate analytics and reports that drive informed decision-making.

Lucidity Learning provides companies with the types of insights that lead to more efficient training programs and better use of training resources, leading to maximising its people’s potential and staff retention.