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Adopt a powerful document management system with Lucidity Intranet

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With recent issues of Facebook users’ personal details being leaked, it brings to question how secure data actually is. As employees, we trust that our personal details are private and confidential and kept in a secure system by our employer. At Lucidity, we value the importance of keeping both personal and business records safe, but also easily accessible to authorised individuals when required.

Lucidity provides companies with access to a secure single source of truth for documented systems management (quality/safety/environment/product), risk and contractor management, non-conformance/hazard/incident reporting and investigation, assignment of tasks and actions, and records and document storage. Lucidity Intranet provides your people with mobile access to the types of operational, people and business intelligence that drives more informed decision-making.


The Lucidity Intranet features include:

  • Mobile access: Securely access important operational, people and business intelligence anywhere and at any time on any mobile device with internet access.
  • OHSE management system: Have remote access to important OHSE documentation, training and records via a powerful records management system.
  • Incident Reporting: Lucidity’s advanced incident management software allows you to report injuries, incidents and hazards quickly and accurately.
  • Training Records: The centralised storage system is easily accessible and improves efficiency and compliance to individual, site and company wide training initiatives. Users can colour code Excel training matrix reports, making it easier to understand training status at a single view.
  • Audit trail: Internal auditing is made simple with audit planning and scheduling tools and templates, audit records holding, and traceability of audits and notification of audit due dates, which can be conducted from any location by anyone with authorised access.
  • Version control: Have access to the most current version of documents via the document control centre.
  • Reinforce brand identity: Make your intranet dashboard your own with your company’s branding and URL. Lucidity Intranet will quickly become an extension of your existing branding strategy.

Lucidity caters to a range of companies in the construction, mining, industrial, commercial, service provider, education and government areas, helping them to centralise data securely and effectively. 

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