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Meet the Team: Luke Lu, our Senior PHP Developer

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1. What is your Lucidity story?

I joined the company in May 2017, at that time, I was looking for new challenges which can help me to get in touch of a ranges of new technologies. In the interview, I was interested at work content which Tristan explained to me, as well as the work environment, then I joined Lucidity. I am really enjoy to work here for everything, especially the great team mates.

2. What is your favourite function in Lucidity Software? Why?

It is hard to pick up a function as favorite one, because we do each line of code with passion.

3. What do you do when you're not at your desk?

I like watching soccer games which I have missed in my spare time, it is too hard to get up in 3am to watch live game in work days.

4. Mac or PC?

Mac, I haven’t use PC for 5 years, Mac is perfect for programming

5. Who is your favourite tech guru and why?

I have to say Brendan Eich, because he is the creator of Javascript which now can be used in front-end development, back-end development as well as Mobile App development, it is so popular and important.