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Meet the Team: Theresa Macdonald, our Implementation Manager

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1. What is your Lucidity story?

I’m one of the ‘family’ – I was born into the business (and will probably die at my desk).

2. What is your favourite function in Lucidity Software? Why?

I have two favourite features.

There's the Roles feature in Lucidity Competency. It's a great way for a company to achieve standardisation, and let's be honest, we're all control freaks and we love that stuff!

The other is Lucidity InForm, our online form builder. Because it's a module that can pretty much customised to do whatever you wat it to, we refer to it as 'The Wild West'!

3. What do you do when you're not at your desk?

I obsess about things. Currently these are:

Instagram: anything tiny house

Podcast: The Minimalists

Reading: Marie Kondo

Doing: Folding things

Toy: My new Dyson

4. Mac or PC?

Blackberry, obviously....

5. Who is your favourite tech guru and why?

The guys from Basecamp, DHH and Jason Fried. They’re completely down to earth - you won't be hearing VC funding or early acquisition on any of their Rework podcasts.