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Meet the team: R.J, our QA Specialist

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1. What is your Lucidity story? How did you join the team?

I joined the team via an outsourcing company here in the Philippines. At first I didn’t know exactly what type of company it is, but then after my interview with the core development members of the company (Lucidity), I’ve been excited to be a part of the team and work as a QA specialist for the system.

2. What is your favourite function of the Lucidity Software? Why? (RJ, if you haven't got an answer for this one yet, please just leave it. I know you're still familiarising yourself with the software).

My favourite would be the Access,. It’s because it is where we could set specific roles to different users - you can set their account’s capabilities and restrictions which I think is kind of a superpower.

3. What do you do when you're not at your desk?

Most of the time I’d be eating, and if it’s break time, I’d be outside on a nearby park.

4 .Mac or PC?


5. Who is your favourite tech guru and why?

Bill Gates. He’s just basically one of my hero, his achievement in the tech industry as MS’s owner and also his advocacies and philanthropic activities is something that I’d also like to achieve one day.