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Lose the Paper: 5 Reasons to Move Workplace Health and Safety Online

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Humans make mistakes. Sometimes, we have so much on our plate we forget what day it is. We misplace documents and don’t always have the time to sit down for a face-to-face with our employees. It’s easy to miscalculate the risks that can occur within a business. So what would an online system for risk management improve in your business?

  1. Reduced human error

  2. Eliminate misplacing of documents

  3. Quality of information can be improved

  4. Time management

  5. Real-time data analysis

What can Lucidity Risk Management software can offer?

Master Risk Registers

Lucidity Risk allows you to create a Master Risk Register that gives your team the ability to centrally manage a core set of Risks for your business. Lucidity Risk permits you to create and manage multiple projects and site risk registers.

Centralised Risk Management

Lucidity Risk allows you to centrally and simultaneously monitor risks across your entire company. Lucidity Risk also provides you with secure access to important information from any location with internet access.

Better business intelligence

By integrating with other Lucidity products, Lucidity Risk Management Software delivers reporting, analysis, improvement and feedback tools that are essential to informed decision making.

At Lucidity, we create software that works for you and your team.

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