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Keeping track of your team

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Site management is crucial to ensuring the safety of your sites. Having the confidence that the only people on your site are those with the right access permissions who have the right qualifications and the right competencies. 

On fixed sites, the solution is simple. Install an entry system which verifies completion of necessary tasks before entry is granted. But what about non-fixed sites? Sites where there’s no permanent entry or exit location that every employee must pass through.

We’ve been helping businesses with their fixed site management through OnSite, validating over 2.5 million entries and exits. Simple, fixed site access points which verify a contractor or employee’s competency records and permissions before granting access to a site. But, in working closely with our customers, we’ve understood the challenges that they are facing trying to manage non-fixed sites.

We have a new solution. Specifically designed to help HSEQ professionals overcome these site management challenges.

Introducing OnSite Mobile.Newesletter 2_cropped 2-2

All the site management functionality you’re used to with OnSite, in a new mobile format.

Simply tap your employee’s OnSite cards with this waterproof and heavy-duty handset to check competencies and log attendance. It will update your employee and contractor’s records in real-time allowing site management teams to track attendance and monitor working hours. And it will integrate with any other OnSite data that you’re currently collecting, ensuring your OnSite module is always up to date.

Perfect for temporary sites, non-fixed locations or registering attendance at toolbox meetings, OnSite will help you better manage site attendance and keep your people safe.

Get in touch with us today to talk about adding Lucidity OnSite into your subscription.