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Integrating data with ACCIONA

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For the team at ACCIONA, access to HSEQS data is paramount to support driving executive business decisions, building relationships with joint venture partners and keeping people safe.

“We used to do everything manually,” says Pam Chamley, ACCIONA’s IMS & Compliance Manager. “There was really no way to effectively and efficiently monitor what was happening across all our sites. Data was kept in different locations and on different systems that didn’t speak to each other. So we started exploring other systems and processes.”

“That’s when we came across Lucidity.”

When it came to undergoing a digital transformation in the HSEQS space, ACCIONA needed a system that would not only bring their data into one place; it also needed to have the flexibility and customisation to meet the varying needs of their different projects – especially as they often work with joint venture partners who have their own HSEQS data requirements.

“When we saw Lucidity, it was an easy decision,” says Pam. “It looked really simple and easy to use. It was going to take a lot less time to set up than many other options and we could see how it would be flexible enough to work with our current range of projects.”

“For us, ensuring that all of our internal and external stakeholders have access to the data they need was a key focus. Once we had Lucidity set up, it changed the business tremendously.”

“The software was a one-stop shop with all the data that everybody needed. All of a sudden, our Executive Team had much better oversight of what was happening on our projects around the country and internationally. You’re able to bring it into one central place for management teams to monitor what’s happening on-site, identify any trends and easily analyse data.”

But it wasn’t just the Executive Team that ACCIONA needed to provide access to business intelligence. Working with a range of joint venture partners, these external companies needed to see their project’s crucial HSEQS data without placing a significant burden on the internal ACCIONA team to continually package and share data.

“Working with joint venture partners has been significantly streamlined. Rather than having to go through our internal teams to get data, we’ve been able to give them permissions-based access to the relevant areas of the system. This means they can just jump in and find the intelligence they need.

“We’ve saved so much time. But we’ve also been able to customise the system for each project’s specific requirements. Ensuring that project managers are capturing the right data to keep their sites and processes HSEQS compliant.”

In their recent merger with the Geotech Group of companies and purchase of Lendlease Engineering, it was important to ensure that their systems could manage these new projects while also giving their Executive Team access to the new data they needed. However, through their work with Lucidity, ACCIONA has managed to get on the front foot and ensure that their teams still have access to the business intelligence they need.

“During the integration, it’s been fantastic to have all of our data kept in one central system,” says Pam. “With new projects coming on board, it’s been really simple to roll out the software and ensure that any new information is incorporated into our existing Lucidity system. A few training sessions and everyone was on their way. The system is really easy to use, so new projects could just start capturing their information through it without too much initial customisation.”

“It’s helped to move us along so much quicker, getting all of our projects on board with the same processes. It’s been great.

“The days of reworking data, complex spreadsheets and unaligned systems are out. Lucidity is in.”