Visitors Menu

You may have noticed a new Visitors option within the side menu of SiteConnect. This list will show any individuals who have scanned the QR code onsite without using the Mobile App or have used the SiteConnect Visitor Kiosk App

The Visitors tab will show the records for anyone who has scanned the QR code without using the SiteConnect app (have used their standard phone camera) OR have used the SiteConnect Visitor Kiosk App to sign in.


To access these records, click the Visitors tab on the left hand side of the SiteConnect Web Portal


Visitors Side Menu


This will bring up a list of all visitors to your Sites who have scanned a onsite QR code using their standard phone camera (and not the app) or have used the SiteConnect Visitor Kiosk App to sign into Site.


This will only reflect any Kiosk users who have selected the Visitors Option when signing in using this app


Kiosk visitors


This list will show the name of the person, their email address they have entered, their phone number they have entered and the date that they visited a Site.


If you click on View, this will bring up these details in a different view


Vistor details

You can also click on the name of the person who visited and this will bring up their public user profile. This will also give you the option to see any training/competency documents linked to their SiteConnect profile

If the person visiting DOES NOT have a SiteConnect profile, then this will not be available for you to view.


You can also export these records by clicking the List Menu/Export button at the top of the list and either selecting to Export all entries to a CSV file or you can tick select items first in the list and then click this again to only export those selected options


Visitors list menu export


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