Tagging Projects/Sites

You are now able to tag specific Projects/Sites in your account for easier searching & filtering

To tag a specific Project or Site, go to your Projects tab on the left hand side


Projects side menu


Then click Edit on the Project or Site that you want to add the tag to.


For more information on the new Project/Site Hierarchy, please see this article here


Edit Project


When editing the project or Site, you should see a Tags button on the bottom of the editor. Click this to set up your tags.


Tags editor


From here, you can select a Tag that you have already created previously (which will then group sites together when searching for that one tag) or create a new tag entirely from scratch.


Select Tags


When creating a new Tag, you need to fill in the Tag name itself (this will be what you search for) and an optional description.


Create Tag


Then Save the Tag to finalise it once the Tag field has been filled in. This will then appear in your overall Tags list where you can then select it along with other previous tags


One Tag Selected


Once you have selected all the appropriate tags, click on Select & Close.


The number of Tags associated with the Site or Project should then display next to the Tags button. Click on Save to finalise this and exit the Site editor.


Tags 1

Now when looking at your Projects list, you can try filtering by Tags by clicking the Filter by Tags bar at the top of the list


Filter tags bar


You can select the tags you want to filter for and then any Site or Project related to that Tag will then appear on the list.


Filtering for a Tag

You can filter for multiple tags however please note that this will show results ONLY for Sites or Projects that contain both or all of the Tags that you select.


You can also clear any selected Tags by clicking Clear Tags on the left-hand side of the bar


Clear Tags button


If you need any further help or have any questions please contact the support team by email siteconnectsupport@lucidity.io or Ph: 0800 748 763